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Editing and Development


We apply our expertise in IoT and Analytics and develop smart farming techniques

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Use of predictive analytics for customer satisfaction and augment decision making capability in the eco-system

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Our solutions include: Revenue management, demand forecasting, fuel consumtion optimization, air safety & predictive aircraft maintenance

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Loan default prediction, customer analytics in banking, fraud detection & AML

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Design issue prediction, project risk analysis, Contractor performance optimization, automation

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Cyber Security

Malware detection, Data Exfiltration, cyber surveillance

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Energy & Resources

Application of IoT and Big Data Analytics for Energy Management, energy consumption model, smart grids

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Government & Public Sector

Scheme & program management, Crime Analytics, predictive analytics for defense, healthcare, human services

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Health Care

Medical IoT, Big Data Analytics for hospital management, predicting patient utilization, forestalling appointment no-shows

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Our solutions include Revenue management, dynamic pricing automation, facial recognition system, customer analytics and so

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Fault prediction and preventive maintenance, demand forecasting and inventory management, price optimization, warranty analysis, managing supply chain risk

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Media & Entertainment

Customer sentiment analysis, real time analytics, recommendation engines, personalized marketing, leveraging mobile and social media content

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Price optimization, future performance prediction, trend forecasting, demand forecasting, product placement optimization

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Predictive analysis (of players, teams, fans management), visualization for insights, real time IoT, customer engagement

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Transportation & Logistics

Route optimization, warehouse management, IoT integration for perishable goods delivery, demand prediction & dynamic pricing

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